Instrument Supports: Industrial Instrument Stands

Instrument stands, or instrument supports are used to mount various measurement instruments or control devices.

ESM manufactures instrument stands using schedule welded pipe, Ø 48,3 mm on 15 mm thick base plates with round or slotted holes, gussets if requested, and a rounded cap on the top of the pipe opening to prevent standing water.

We can also design and manufacture non-standard instrument supports to fit your requirements.

Range of products:

  • Single and double floor stand.
  • Wall mount stands.
  • Pipe mount stand.
  • Cable mount stand.
  • Tech – mount modular.
  • Framing from C channel 41x41x2.5 mm.

With high-quality standards and a wide range of products ESM positioned itself as an instrument support provider for a number of different industries and clients.

A double floor stand we produce

Mass Production

Our wall mount product


Our pipe mount product

Heavy Duty

SM’s cable mount product